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Thanks for visiting my page. This is actually my third try, I lost the previous two. I'll stumble upon them one day. I'm sorry for any wrong spellings or grammar. If you visit periodically i'll have pictures up eventually and I'm going to try to be good about updating my page.

Frequently talked About People
These are a few people whose names will probably always be either in my page, heart, or mind.
Michelle Welch:Me
Steven:My Love(Need I say more?)
Jeff:Steven's roomate who doesn't have a girlfriend, but is amply endowed with brians, muscles, brown hair, and hazel eyes. 206-0454 He is the reason I started this page. He's a CS major at Georgia Tech and is making one for his class. Do me a favor and link to his page at the bottom.
Cat:Going to be a famous author and marry Kuo.
Alison:Juggles three guys, like anime, and computer graphics.
Melanie:Got a 1600 on the SAT and is perfect in everything else.
Julie:Cool girl I met this year who likes drama and 4-H
Christine:needs to be in my calc class, but glad she's in my SR math class to keep me sane.
Mom&Dad:My parents who are the greatest.
Woodstock&Sassy:My dogs, a german shepard and yorkshire terrier.
Debbie/Jim:Steven's Mom and boyfriend who recently got a new puppy, Missy, and also have a dog, Max.
Marc:Steven's brother.
Craig/Wiegard/Erica/Elien:told Steven and me last year that we couldn't base our lives around each other.
~Note:Craig and Wiegard are okay now, as in they haven't said anything bad to us lately.

Special News
There's been a baby boom lately. First Steven's Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ray and the most precious baby I've ever met, Kaitlyn Rae. And my cousin, Jinny, and her husband, Peterson, had Lucas, who is very cute in pictures.

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